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About alliantgroup

alliantgroup is a national tax consultancy group based in Houston, Texas.

The idea of the company was first conceived in 2001 when co-founders Dhaval Jadav and Shane T Frank began discussing how tax code could be maximized. They realized there were many tax incentives available for companies, in areas such as manufacturing, research and development, and exporting, but the complexity of finding and applying for them intimidated many small- to medium-sized businesses. The confusion and fear surrounding these incentives were enough so that these companies were missing out on large profits. Today, Jadav serves as the company’s CEO and Frank as COO.

alliantgroup works to strengthen American businesses by helping companies and their advising CPA firms to help them take full advantage of both federal and state tax credits, deductions and incentives.

In their time, they’ve helped more than 16,000 businesses claim over $8 billion in tax incentives. The company has a deep understanding of how they can optimize and substantiate claims for each client they work with. It’s the only firm in the United States that staffs CPAs, tax attorneys, litigators, architects, software developers, engineers, scientists, PhDs, and former Big 4 accounting firm partners. This unique model makes it so that clients work with someone who has both industry knowledge and a strong understanding of tax code.

A large number of businesses currently don’t take advantage of these credits. Now, only one in 20 businesses that are eligible to receive these credits is doing so. Taking advantage of these benefits allow companies to grow, be innovative and compete in the global economy.
alliantgroup employs over 600 employees. The company’s team of experts are directly on the front line of major tax legislation. They have worked with Congress members directly to help ensure the needs of small and middle-market businesses are being met.

alliantgroup works with companies in a variety of diverse industries. They offer consulting services to clients in the agriculture, architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and software and technology sectors.

As part of alliantgroup’s mission to enrich their community, they’ve developed a STEM scholarship program. Each year, the company offers scholarships to high schoolers in the Houston area that plan to pursue a career in the STEM field. Because technology and innovation are two of the most significant factors for growth in the economy, alliantgroup believes it’s important to encourage others to pursue these areas. Their work in helping students attend college and further their education is among their proudest accomplishments.