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About Dhaval Jadav, CEO and Co-Founder of alliantgroup

Born in Manhattan, Dhaval Jadav grew up primarily in Texas and California. Over the years, he served both states, working in the Houston District Counsel Office of the International Revenue Service and advising several high-technology companies in San Francisco as a member of a Mergers & Acquisitions/Private Equity/Strategic Buyer Services Group. He later went on to work with Deloitte & Touche, a Big Four accounting firm in its Washington National Office, before establishing alliantgroup in 2002.

His position at alliantgroup has not only allowed him to help businesses by leading a successful team of over 800 employees, but has also allowed him to fuel his passion of giving back to the Houston community. Still inspired by his father’s work as an electrical engineer, Dhaval Jadav understands the way in which technological advancement drives American economic growth. Due to this, he takes pride in his involvement with alliantgroup’s STEM scholarship program, which allows him to support growth in his community by providing scholarships to Houston-based high school students in pursuit of STEM careers. Dhaval Jadav additionally serves as counsel for DSquared Tax Strategies and alliantNational, a division of alliantgroup that provides subject matter expertise on complex and emerging federal, state and international tax issues. 

Dhaval Jadav continues to share his passion for growing American businesses through many facets of his life. His industry contributions have been featured in business magazines and journals, such as Reuters Breakingviews,, and Harvard Business Review.