In recent years, the term “entrepreneurial spirit” has gained traction with all sorts of companies, from humble startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Defined as a combination of creativity, motivation, and communication, entrepreneurial spirit is often viewed as the fast-track to success, both for individual employees and entire organizations. This spirit has found its way into alliantgroup’s core values, namely the fourth one. alliantgroup defines its active not passive value as the following:

“We are entrepreneurial and encourage our employees to take initiative and use their innovation and creativity to positively impact the firm.”

The first core value we discussed, investment, highlights the two-way street of investment between employees and employees. The active not passive core value builds on this concept, emphasizing the importance of creative thinking and innovation to further upward mobility within the company. Above all else, to succeed at alliantgroup, employees must embrace the aforementioned entrepreneurial spirit. 

Despite stereotypes of job-hopping, the millennial workforce can be quite loyal to employers who invest in them. One of the major factors for millennials—about 90% of them, in fact—is upward career mobility. What else helps retain employees? The ability to make significant personal contributions and be recognized and respected, according to Strategies founder and CEO Neil Ducoff. Great employees want to make an impact in whatever ways they can; companies that stifle the “young and inexperienced” employees are only doing themselves harm.

Ducoff says this of employees who step up to the plate: “Their unique talents and expertise are obvious. In return, the great employee’s work and contribution earns them recognition and respect at all levels of the company, especially leadership.” In essence, Ducoff explores the core of alliantgroup’s active not passive value—that the varied viewpoints of employees can help make improvements across the company, both vertically and horizontally. That’s just one of the reasons these values apply to everyone at alliantgroup, and why our employees share an understanding of success.

And what else comes of this open activeness? As mentioned previously, it’s employee retention. The great employees, the ones who voice their opinions and offer their unique perspectives, have the potential to make their marks in the company that fosters their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. At alliantgroup, no matter what position an employee holds or how many years they’ve been with us, anyone can share their visions and make a difference!