In our last blog post, we focused on the keystone of alliantgroup’s core values—investment. The central idea with investment was that alliantgroup invested in its employees, which would lead employees to reinvest in the company. But how can employees give back? That is where the next core value, high performance, comes into play. When explaining high performance in the context of alliantgroup, it is defined as such:

“alliantgroup is a high-performance culture. Your success here is in your own hands. High performance is recognized and rewarded.”

This work hard, play hard mentality is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, and for good reason—it benefits everyone! Employees work hard, which helps the company, and in turn, the company offers plenty of benefits for those employees. Those benefits include health perks, one of the key offerings discussed previously on this blog, as well as office-wide celebrations and other unique initiatives. 

So, what constitutes high performance? David Taylor, founder of Thinking Business, cites enthusiasm, successful communication, collaboration, and striving for excellence as four key factors, factors that alliantgroup also values:

High performance teams can overcome incredible obstacles,” Taylor writes. “The real work in building a high performance team is to create an environment that allows the high performance team to work at peak performance!”

Again, it all comes back to what the company can offer—its investment in its employees. Alliantgroup’s offerings are various and sundry, and they encompass concrete rewards and abstract offerings. CEO and co-founder Dhaval Jadav elaborates on the company’s rewards for high performance:

“We do have a meritocracy and we push for high performance, but because we demand excellence we also give back to our employees in the form of compensation, perks, wellness initiatives, catered lunches and dinners, movie nights, golf outings, a family-type atmosphere and unlimited upward mobility.

Dhaval Jadav makes an excellent point here, explaining that alliantgroup’s investment in employees can be returned through passion for their work and camaraderie between the organization’s professionals. This high-performance culture is what keeps the wheels turning at alliantgroup, and is only made possible through the hard work of every individual employee. Together, everyone at alliantgroup can work hard and play hard!