The previous posts on this blog have explored a handful of health and wellness opportunities for alliantgroup employees. However, it is through alliantgroup’s nine core values that these offerings have become so deeply rooted in the company’s culture. Over the next several weeks, this blog will take a deep-dive into these nine core values. These values have dictated company culture since its inception in 2002, and continue to shape the attitudes of employees and create a positive work environment. In this first installment, we will focus on the first value—investment. Here is how the company describes investment:

“At alliantgroup, we believe in investing in our employees through various training programs and mentorships that we offer. We also encourage our employees to invest in themselves and others. There is no limit to the growth you can achieve.”

The investment goal is multi-faceted, more of a means to an end than a standalone value. By this definition, investment is done by the company for its employees, with the hope that, in return, the employees will invest back in the company. In order to invest in employees, alliantgroup offers a slew of benefits, including rigorous training programs and professional mentorships. The investments, therefore, are focused on professional goals and relationship-building, two key aspects of successful company cultures.

These investments are powerful, in that they promote growth. This is the true meaning of investment—the ultimate endpoint here is to benefit others, to nurture employees and help them grow into happy, ambitious, and successful professionals. 

The investment value appears starting on day one. New hires take part in alliantgroup’s aligned Onboarding Program, which fosters learning and development through classrooms, applications, planning, and the aforementioned mentorship program. The program’s name is an acronym, one that stands for “alliantgroup Leading, Investing, and Grooming New Employees for Desired Success.” Ultimately, the program introduces new hires to seasoned veterans of alliantgroup, offering a first-hand look at the highly collaborative work environment. 

In a blog post about alliantgroup’s core values, CEO and co-founder Dhaval Jadav highlights investment as a central part of the company, even among the other core values: 

“Our top cultural tenant is investment in our employees. Employees are the key component to the success of an organization, large or small. At alliantgroup, we use various training and mentorship programs to ensure our employees are well prepared for a successful career.”

By investing in our employees, alliantgroup strives to communicate its core values, promoting a communicative, collaborative, and comfortable workplace for all.