The previous two alliantgroup core values mentioned on this blog, investment and high performance, relate to what the company and its employees can do for one another. Now, it’s time to turn the transaction to the third, equally-important party: the clients. As part of its nine core values, alliantgroup puts forth a standard for going above and beyond to accommodate the needs of clients:

“Our #1 mission is to create Raving Fans!! We want to deliver an A+++ client experience with every interaction.”

To create raving fans, alliantgroup requires high performance from its employees. The interconnectivity between these core values is what makes them so important to the health of the company—before we can create raving fans, we have to invest in our employees and encourage them to strive for excellence!

Every instance of client interaction, from email and phone call queries to lengthy conversations about service offerings, can only be successful if we continue to aim for success while balancing positive attitudes and passion for our work. 

Taking a look at reviews by alliantgroup’s clients, there’s a clear trend. Let’s compare three reviews—one by Tech Global, one by Commonwealth Architects, and a third by Tricarico Architecture.alliantgroup review — techglobal alliantgroup review — commonwealth architectsalliantgroup review — tricarico

Clear communication was a major factor for all three companies, as well as the streamlined process. The world of tax credits can be a confusing one, fraught with questions and buzzwords. To generate raving fans, alliantgroup has to make the whole process less scary and more clear-cut. 

While most businesses aim simply to satisfy clients, alliantgroup goes above and beyond, offering clear and concise communication, unparalleled expertise, and positive attitudes. It’s especially impressive when you stop to consider all of the industries with which alliantgroup employees must be familiar—manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, software, and many others.

The countless case studies about companies and industries that qualify for tax credits demonstrate the breadth and depth of expertise offered by alliantgroup. To create our raving fans, we have to work hard and play hard; this high expertise is reflective of our standards of high performance, and encourages employees to give in order to receive!