As Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare” fable once taught us, “slow and steady wins the race.” However, in the fast-paced and competitive world of business, with money and welfare and lives at stake, it’s hard to take things easy and employ the fine-tooth comb at every possible instant. At alliantgroup, we’ve found a way to balance speed efficiency and accuracy by implementing urgency as one of our core values. Here’s how we define it: 

“Sense of urgency is big when it comes to what we do. We have clients that need our help and time is of essence. In order to provide the best client service, our employees feel the urgency behind every interaction whether internal or external.”

When it comes to urgency, deadlines offer more than a timeframe—they’re the framework, the absolute limits of the project. While it’s possible to stretch out a project until that final moment, it’s not recommended. Of course, getting the project done as soon as possible (or last-minute) can lead to overlooked errors, which can be quite the time-suck when they need to be corrected. That’s where urgency comes in.

Urgency keeps alliantgroup’s employees aware of deadlines, pushing them to complete work in a timely manner, with plenty of wiggle room in case additions and corrections must be made. At the same time, alliantgroup’s dedication to high performance and overall excellence make employees more careful. 

As alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav said, “As a complex consultancy, our number one priority has been to ensure that our clients have an A-plus experience, one that creates the kind of ‘raving fans’ that shout from the rooftops about the quality of our services.” In order to create raving fans, alliantgroup’s employees have to find that urgency balance. The best service is efficient and effective, which is exactly what alliantgroup offers! As employees pass through training and get a handle on the job, they can produce libraries of quality work for clients from all walks of life.

Once they’re done with those tasks, or if they need a mental break, alliantgroup employees can use that free time to enjoy some of our many perks, from fitness and wellness classes to all sorts of group outings! This truly gives our office a “work hard, play hard” culture, one that promotes intelligence, curiosity, and a passion for excellence!