Much like other businesses, alliantgroup offers benefit packages to fit a variety of lives and needs—medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage; a 401(k) retirement savings plan; paid time off; and more. However, alliantgroup’s unique wellness perks provide all employees with the resources they need to live happy, healthy lives while balancing their personal and professional lives.

Why does alliantgroup offer these perks? As CEO Dhaval Jadav explains, everything comes down to the employees:

“It’s all about investment in our employees. We do have a meritocracy and we push for high performance, but because we demand excellence we also give back to our employees in the form of compensation, perks, wellness initiatives, catered lunches and dinners, movie nights, golf outings, a family-type atmosphere and unlimited upward mobility.”

Onsite Gym and Wellness Activities

The positive correlation between physical and mental wellness has been proven time and time again. For the full-time workforce participating in the weekly 9–5, finding time to balance work, personal life, sleep, diet, and exercise is incredibly difficult. alliantgroup has tackled this issue by incorporating an onsite gym and group wellness activities into the everyday office setting. Workplace wellness centers have been a big hit at companies across the country, as they can improve work-life balance, boost productivity morale, and reduce absenteeism.

Casual Dress Code

An August 2019 Randstad US survey found that dress code has increasingly become a point of contention amongst prospective and employed individuals. According to the study, 33% of participants reported they would quit a job or turn down an offer if required to follow a conservative dress code. In emphasizing the importance of a casual dress code in today’s workforce, a benefits report by the Society for Human Resource Management reported an 18% increase in organizations permitting casual attire between 2014 and 2018. alliantgroup has taken this factor to heart, allowing employees to dress comfortably and casually throughout the workweek.

Lunches, Snacks, and Drinks

In line with alliantgroup’s health-focused employee values, the office boasts several dietary perks as well. Every day, employees can enjoy catered lunches, healthy snacks, and unlimited beverages—all for free! Not only can food fuel productivity, but healthy alternatives to the go-to chips-and-coke treat benefit the overall wellness of employees. Besides, who would turn down free food?

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