In 2018 and 2019, Houston Business Journal named alliantgroup as Houston’s Healthiest Employer. With a Healthiest Employer Index score of 94.3, alliantgroup earned first place in the “small and medium business” category, making its second appearance at the top of the list. Healthiest Employer LLC, the organization that surveyed several Houston-based companies, used six categories in its scoring system.

Culture and Leadership Commitment

Entrepreneur’s 2017 list of Top Company Cultures named alliantgroup as one of the nation’s best. In the report, a collaboration with CultureIQ, Entrepreneur rated workplace cultures on a scale of zero to 100. Of the 10 factors considered for each company, communication, innovation, performance focus, and support were essential for success. Sitting comfortably at spot 22 with a score of 90.89, alliantgroup has proven a commitment to its culture!

Foundational Components

Every employee at alliantgroup, from summer interns to the CEO, uses the company’s nine core values in day-to-day business. From investment in the professional self to high performance standards, transparency of communication to urgency of client needs, and energy and passion for projects to ownership of work, alliantgroup employees hold themselves to high standards and strive to make client interactions both successful and enjoyable.

Strategic Planning

Over 50 professionals from across the country and various industries serve on alliantgroup’s Strategic Advisory Board. These executives, CPAs, and former politicians collaborate on methods of expanding alliantgroup’s initiatives to better serve clients. With so many individuals bringing their unique backgrounds and experiences to the table, alliantgroup constantly strives for daily improvement.

Communications and Marketing

alliantgroup’s social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook, highlight the company’s various endeavors. Using a mix of blog posts, photos and multimedia content, the social team offers a look at everything alliantgroup does to make the community a better place—whether that’s helping a client earn tax credit or supporting STEM programs for elementary school students.

Programming and Interventions

alliantgroup has adopted CEO Dhaval Jadav’s philanthropic passion and established several programs that enable employees to give back. The Blue Heart Fund, which started in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, has supported countless families and students as the city finds its footing once more. Along with the sense of accomplishment that comes from helping the community, employees can enjoy competitive compensation and insurance packages, free catered lunches, and on-site group wellness activities

Reporting and Analytics

The five previous categories lend to this final one. Through planning and marketing, programming and foundational components, and commitments to leadership and culture, alliantgroup is able to report on happy and healthy employees. This category compares wellness program spending with how much employees spend from healthcare packages. By offering a variety of programs and plenty of support, alliantgroup has cemented itself as a company with compassion!